Training for teachers – why is it important?

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Last year, our teachers told us that although they enjoyed our teacher training sessions and found them helpful, they wanted something that was more flexible, cost effective and user friendly.

We paid attention to the feedback and created the Signature Learning Hub for Teacher Training; a fun and powerful way for teachers to improve their skills, enhance teaching methods and keep up to date. Instead of traditional face-to-face courses, the Signature Learning Hub is an online video training package - presented by deaf presenters in BSL for Levels 1 to 4 – that can be accessed any time from a computer, tablet or smart phone and lets you work at your own pace, replaying videos as often as you like.

But why is the Signature Learning Hub so important? And how is it helping teachers?

Understand the assessment criteria

Do you know exactly what is required, and how to prepare your students? The Signature Learning Hub covers assessment criteria in detail, covering what to do and what not to do.

Classroom activities

The Signature Learning Hub was created with Signature teachers in mind, which means that the classroom resources we’ve added are perfect for our teachers and ready to use. You can use these as they are, or take inspiration to create your own.

Find practice assessments

We can’t tell you what’s going to be on the assessments, but we can give you some practice, helping you understand the assessments and giving you more support and encouragement to your students.

Peer support

Do you miss the face-to-face element of teacher training? Use our comments section to share your thoughts and learn from other teachers. There’s lots of room for discussions and knowledge sharing.



See what some of our teachers are saying after using the Signature Learning Hub:

 “It gives me quick easy access at any time rather than having to wait.”

“It’s so easy to use!”

“It certainly helps to improve my teaching skills, and is clear and informative”

“It is vital for me to know as much as possible what is expected from students to hit the assessment criteria. The Learning Hub is essential for this”