British Sign Language for beginners

BSL for beginners is an online British Sign Language (BSL) course provided by Signature, the UK's leading awarding body for British Sign Language qualifications.

This immersive course introduces BSL and deaf awareness using a range of informal clips, receptive practice, short quizzes, vocabulary and more.

The course is hosted on the Signature Learning Hub, our dedicated platform for training and CPD and can be purchased for £9.99.

What’s included in the course?

Getting to know deaf people
BSL Vocabulary
Communication Tactics
BSL Dictionary
Support Documents

What will you learn?

BSL for beginners is a comprehensive online course developed alongside language experts and Deaf teachers from across the UK. We have drawn on 40 years of experience helping hundreds of thousands of learners to complete a British Sign Language qualification.

Over the duration of this course, you will develop your understanding of BSL and deaf awareness by learning communication tactics and basic signs from subject experts.

The fun and flexible learning style allows you to study at your own pace, your progress will be logged as you go, and sections can be revisited at any time.

When you reach the end of your course, you will receive a link to download your own certificate of completion.

Although this Signature course does not give you an accredited qualification, it is the perfect foundation course before you take a full level 1 qualification! For more information on our qualifications visit Studying with Signature.

Why Signature?

Signature is the leading awarding body for deaf communications qualifications in the UK. Since beginning our work to promote and teach British Sign Language (BSL), we have supported more than 450,000 people to learn the language.

Our course will be delivered by Deaf teachers, with many years of experience teaching BSL and is a great platform for students to go on and take a qualification.

We want to encourage more people to continue their BSL journey, we want more people to gain a qualification and more people to be confident signers.

  • Learn on any digital device
  • Online immersive Learning experience
  • 24/7 access to content
  • Signature E-certificate of completion
  • Lifetime access
  • A foundation for a full BSL qualification
BSL for beginners