Online training for BSL teachers

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Practice your BSL skills

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Online training for BSL teachers

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Practice your BSL skills

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The benefits of our exclusive training

Everything you need, whenever you need it, wherever you are


Assessment criteria explained in detail with practical examples


Guidance and tips to help you and your students get ready for assessments


Effective classroom activities and practice assessments to support the work you do in lessons


Real time and video chat available with our support team and consultants


Articles of interest and a place to share your opinions with other BSL professionals

Unlimited Use

Review any content as often as you like for 12 months


Confirmation of achievement is emailed to you upon completion which contributes to CPD

Support Material

Printable PDF course pack to go hand in hand with your online course

Download course summary

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BSL Level 1

BSL Level 2

BSL Level 3

BSL Level 4

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Give yourself a helping hand

BSLHomework3 helps you achieve more

Key Features

Clips show you level of difficulty to build confidence and knowledge as your progress. Save your favourites from the dictionary and glossary


Test your knowledge and progress as you study


Practice assessments to help your prepare


Examples of linguistic and grammar terms


BSL dictionary of over 400 signs to support your learning

BSL Clips

Hours of BSL conversations and clips to support your learning

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Join in the adventures of friendly aliens Zip, Pella and Statz to improve primary literacy skills and learn BSL together

12 SignSpell adventure stories with different themes and signs to learn e.g. greetings, colours and numbers

Educational resource pack containing teacher-approved lesson plans and activities to support classroom learning

Online video clips of 340 BSL signs and phrases

SignSpell flashcards to support recall and retention of new signs and phrases

Fingerspelling lesson plans and resources to improve spelling

Improves literacy and communication skills across primary age range

Promotes inclusivity and generates discussion

No prior knowledge of BSL required. Adults and children can learn together!

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Signature Learning Hub is a service provided by Signature Commercial – excellence in communication with deaf people.

Signature Commercial (company number 08002331) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CACDP, CACDP is registered in England and Wales (charity number 1071662); a charity registered in Scotland (charity number 03581178). Our registered office is at Mersey House, Mandale Business park, Belmont, Durham, DH1 1TH.